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On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions that Minecraft server owners ask our technical support. We will update this section regularly to make it easier for you to run your Minecraft server.

How much will the Minecraft server cost me ?

Frequently asked Questions

Information about your account (billing data, credit status, credit expiration, ...) can be found in the Profile section, where you can also change your e-mail and password to the administration environment (you must be logged in).
In the Servers section you will find complete information about your Minecraft servers. You get 512 MB of RAM as standard, you can of course increase this number up to 16 GB in the settings of your Minecraft server, where you can also buy some bonuses (thrower, RAM, backup, MySQL, teamspeak3, ...) and change your current number of slots, without data loss or server downtime!
Our system checks the credit status of all Minecraft server owners every day at 12:00 and sends them information e-mails about the credit status and server renewal 7 days before the credit expires. If the owner of the Minecraft server does not top up the credit, the server will be permanently deleted at 01:00 (morning), without the possibility of renewal (if you have not purchased the Deposit bonus)!
Check the Server Log for all the reasons why your Minecraft server failed to turn on. More than 70% of cases are lack of RAM. The standard RAM that you receive after creating the server (512 MB) is not built on plugins to your Minecraft server, if you want to use the plugins, increase the RAM in the server settings (Servers section).
Most likely, the maximum number of Minecraft servers that we are currently able to run has already been used. Every day at 01:00 (morning) we lubricate servers whose owners no longer have the necessary credit for further operation. You can find the current status of Minecraft servers in the section Serverlist .
First of all, download Minecraft client from the official website. Then you add the server with your IP address to the client, which you will find in the Server control section (you must set up administration for the given server in the server settings). Server must be turned on (online)!
Just go to the Versions section and choose a version from our offer. We always update the offer after the release of the stable version!
Contact technical support immediately using the contact form or by messaging on Messenger (bottom right).
Make sure you have sent the correct SMS format to the correct phone number. If so and your credit has not increased anyway, wait an hour and contact technical support (left panel), where they will solve this problem with you..
Upload an .jar file to the plugins folder via FTP. Files without the .jar extension are not plugins for your Minecraft server. Once the plugin is loaded, just restart the server!